How To Important Design The most effective Site During Effective SEO Results

When we talk about SEO, we usually discuss onpage and offpage. However, there’s a ‘third pillar’ to all of this that is often overlooked.

It has nothing to do with keywords and their placement; it’s about how your site is laid out. I know for many of you just starting out SEO or search engine optimisation to give it its full name can be a bit confusing and a lot to take in but believe me when I say if there’s one area you absolutely NEED to understand even in a basic fashion SEO is it, because as the net becomes more & more crowded, SEO becomes even more vital to get yourself & your site well ranked and that my friends means getting traffic, because with out it you are not off the starting blocks simple as that.

You might be the fastest runner in the world but if your glued to those blocks no one will ever get to know make sense I hope! Your site’s layout has an effect on the people who visit it. It also plays a role in indexing your site in Google. When bots crawl your site they look at layout just as much as keyword usage and other onpage SEO considerations. This is often overlooked by Internet marketers, so let’s talk about the best site layout for successful SEO.

Keep It Clean By far the best site layouts are clean. The design is simple and uncluttered. When people look at the site, their eyes are drawn to whichever features are most important usually the text. They’re not distracted by ads all over the place; tables piled everywhere, flashy images or other unimportant design features. In addition to the overall design, the colours and text should also be simple and pleasing to the eye. You should also strip from your site anything that’s not completely relevant. Everything should have a purpose and do something to enhance user experience.

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