How to Make SEO Content That Will Survive Google’s Updates

Having to change your (or your client’s) website around after each Google update is nowadays almost considered the norm. The algorithm changes, so you must adapt, right? Well, what if you never had to change your website, in response to an update or otherwise? What if your content was evergreen?

The ideal of evergreen SEO content may sometimes seem unreachable, but it is, in fact, very much possible. According to Mike Wallace an SEO expert in Jacksonville Florida, “When you create your content with the future in mind, you free yourself from having to revise it once Google stops favoring it.” But how does one make survivable, long-lasting content? Keep reading to find out.

Being Good Is Not Enough

A thing is only exceptional when it is better than other, similar things. In today’s online world, where everyone’s SEO content is at the very least decent, producing more decent content will simply not cut it. To be more precise, decent content might be enough for the moment, but will certainly become obsolete in time. If you want your content to last, it will have to be outright better than what is out there.

Of course, one can’t reinvent the wheel. So, what do you do when you’re in a niche that is already saturated with high-quality content? Well, you should find ways in which the existing content is lacking and then improve on it. You can always differentiate your work with more visuals or by phrasing it to be easier to understand, for instance.

Give the Audience What They Will Want

High-quality content is not only easy to read, but also appetizing and inviting. You should be able to give your audience what they want, even if they don’t know that they want it yet. If you can anticipate the demand before everyone realizes that the demand exists in the first place, then you’re on your way to making evergreen content. That is what it means to create content with the future in mind.

But you can’t stop there. Your content will also need to be presented and phrased in a way that Google can understand. Remember, the algorithms do change by a little bit every so often, but their general mission remains the same: to present content to users. Once you make Google see what you see, it will send the audience your way all by itself.

Conclusion: Get Into the Mindset of Your Audience

If you try and please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. That saying may be older than the internet, but it is also timeless—just like your content should be. The web is vast and hosts a gigantic number and variety of people. If you try and treat them all as your audience, then all you’ll be serving will be a bland and tasteless paste for which there is never any lasting demand.

Be distinct, think ahead, and clearly present what you have to say, and your content will withstand the test of time.

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